About Us


Glosanté strives towards improving health and providing protection against global disease threats.

We are a worldwide integrated network of Healthcare centers with a special expertise in Travel Healthcare, Vaccinations and Visa medical services. We provide innovative healthcare services to Individuals and Groups, offer guidance, support and ongoing care. Our service areas also include General and Preventive Healthcare.

Our state-of-the-art healthcare facilities deploy latest in healthcare technologies. They are designed to offer high quality care (consultation, evaluation and treatment) and are equipped to meet the growing healthcare needs of the society.

We are authorized by various Governments and Embassies and certified by healthcare boards to perform medical examinations, provide certifications and quality care to our clients. Our processes are based on the latest medical standards and best practices. We place great importance on the awareness and well-being of our clients, by educating them on the global health threats, prevention and management of diseases.


Our values unite the interests and activities of all our stakeholders and guide us in our daily actions, decisions and our relationships with ourselves, our customers and our partners. They guide us in optimizing the health of the people we serve.

Our values include:

  • Integrity in conducting ourselves with honesty, transparency and rightful ethics in all our activities, individual and collective, honouring the sacred trust that clients place on us, by providing genuine care and certifications.
  • Providing Superior value to our clients through affordable, quality care, abiding by the highest standards.
  • Personalized care responding to individual needs and values with compassion and attention.
  • Caring responsibly, striving to enhance safety by following operational procedures, systems and policies that help prevent errors
  • Creating an environment that promotes learning and innovation, sharing knowledge and information, best practices among the professionals through effective communication
  • Commitment to achieving excellence in the form of best possible health


In line with our values, we have laid out definite healthcare goals and we strive towards achieving them through our expertise and effective collaboration. Our prime healthcare goals include:

  • Become a leading integrated network care provider for travel health in various countries across the world
  • Prevent and treat travel related health conditions and protect against global health threats
  • Protect health by effectively providing quality healthcare services that include examination, screening, testing and reporting, consultation and treatment of health conditions
  • Promote health and well-being at the workplace
  • Ensure effective monitoring of health

We, at Glosanté strive towards improving health and providing protection against global disease threats. Our objective is different than traditional healthcare providers as we want to protect people before they travel and keep them healthy during their foreign visit either it’s for business or leisure. Our endeavour is to provide a safe, secured, affordable, and timely option to the healthcare requirements for travellers not only in the UAE but also the world over.


Glosanté's expertise and effective collaboration makes sure that we achieve our goal of becoming the leading integrated global healthcare provider for travel and general health.


To become the largest Travel Health Network Globally by providing high customer value across different countries & exceeding customer expectations by establishing a process driven organization which offers innovative solutions to the emerging needs.

Dr. Raman Singh Sodhi
Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Glosanté Raman had launched new businesses and set up teams in various geographies.

Prateesh Mohanakrishnan
Vice President, Human Resources

Prior to joining Glosanté Prateesh was the Vice President Human Resources for Moolchand Healthcare Private Limited.

Ahmed Rabie Mabrook
Regional Operations Head

Prior to Glosanté, he was associated with Elaj Group as Chief Business Development Officer during his work with Elaj Group, he held many positions and was appointed as acting CEO and COO for Elaj Medical Centers.

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