Corporate Wellness Program

Glosanté's Corporate Wellness Program covers all healthcare needs of an employee and has a systematic approach towards them. It includes -
  • Assessments (Pre- Employment/ Post-Employment) & Executive Health Checkups - Basic physiological assessments, Advanced physiological assessments, Active metabolism & Fitness assessment
  • Consultations - Initial one-on-one expert consultation, nutrition consultation, customized meal plans based on your needs, Health coaching, Life coaching
  • Group & Individual Services - Yoga sessions, personal training, Confidence & Leadership coaching, Psychological Assessment, Corporate Gym Membership
  • Information Services - Monthly newsletter on well - being, articles and guide to remain healthy, Fitness & Diet Apps
  • Equipment Services - Access to recovery equipments like Spinal Mobiliser & Oxygen Chambers and ergonomics like healthy desks, chairs, laptop stands etc.
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