Meet Our People

meet our people

Attracting and retaining the best of talent is of paramount importance to us. We do this by striving to be the employer of choice - by providing an environment that is professionally satisfying, open to exchange of views and recognizes employees for their abilities and achievements.

Glosanté is committed to a team environment where we work collaboratively to ensure that we provide the best possible standard of care.

We promote a culture of continuous learning and innovation to meet the evolving health needs. This involves active training and development to sharpen employee skills and keep up with new advances in the industry. We use technology extensively to improve our services and performance.

  • Lina Darwish
    Lina Darwish

    Soon after I joined Glosanté, I felt that there was a bigger picture to why I was here and that my being here at Glosanté is really making a difference in people's lives. The work environment is so different from other work environments that I have experienced. I believe this is because each person that I work with, not only chooses to be here, but they really love their work.

  • Abegail Tvibar
    Abegail Tvibar

    I was looking through the local paper when I came across the opening at Glosanté. After joining I soon came to realize that all practices the values of Glosanté. From administration to support staff all lives its mission statement, thrives on multidisciplinary and collegial interaction, and is here to serve our community.

  • Aissa Ethel
    Aissa Ethel

    At Glosanté I found so much more – family, friends, love and the opportunity to learn and make an amazing difference not only in my life but all those I come in contact with.

  • Vishagan Athimoolam
    Vishagan Athimoolam

    What I enjoy most about being part of Glosanté is having the chance to work with and learn from every business function every single day. I have been provided with the opportunity to grow vertically and get deeper knowledge about various other functions and businesses in Glosanté.

  • Nawras Nasri
    Nawras Nasri

    The company's rich heritage and core values are engrained throughout the organization and are evident in every employee that represents them globally on a daily basis. Glosanté truly cares about their employees unlike any other. I have a sincere sense of pride when I tell others, 'I work for Glosanté.

  • Yasmin Sa'adah
    Yasmin Sa'adah

    What I appreciate at Glosanté is the genuine caring about people and the diversity of the people we hire. I am also proud of our process excellences that are driven by our strong values and vision.

  • Yasmina Quran
    Yasmina Quran

    At Glosanté, the atmosphere is so much like family. It's a wonderful feeling. Coming here was a huge step for me, I was a little hesitant as I have never worked for a smaller setup and thought I would try and see how it goes. Now I am looking forward to being here for as long as I can.

  • Ala'a Al Zoubi
    Ala'a Al Zoubi

    At Glosanté every day brings new challenges, which presents opportunities to learn and to advance. The best fit for our organization in terms of personality would be somebody who is dynamic, up for challenges, and open to new ideas all the time.