Our Culture

We promote a culture of continuous learning and innovation to meet the evolving health needs. This involves active training and development to sharpen employee skills and keep up with new advances in the industry. We use technology extensively to improve our services and performance.

Our working days are often challenging but you will feel rewarded for your efforts. We firmly believe in supporting the career aspirations of our employees and have world-class performance management and development systems in place to help them achieve their goals. Excellent internal communications and shared common goals underpin all our activities.

We constantly benchmark our remuneration policy against those of other professional companies in the region, and work to ensure that our benefits and rewards programs are competitive. The remuneration policy of Glosanté includes base salary, allowances, variable pay, benefits and perks and recognition programs.

At Glosanté, we have built a robust, best of breed talent management system that fully integrates the four main pillars of talent management (i.e, talent attraction, auditing, development and retention).

This dynamic system and process enhances our organizational effectiveness and capability in the following ways.

  • It is a source of visible real time data and key metrics that are used by our business leaders to make business critical decisions.
  • It aligns to our business strategy to short, medium and long-term succession plans and leadership pipeline to ensure we attract and source the right talent at the right place and right time.
  • As a driver of cultural change, it enables the identification of our talent pool and talent exchange candidates as well as eliminate talent "destroyers".
  • It also increases return on investment (ROI)- i.e. productivity, profit, revenue and reduction of recruitment costs.

Diversity is one of Glosanté’s very unique features – diverse businesses, diverse international locations, and diverse cultures and languages all contribute to the dynamic that makes Glosanté an exciting place to work.

Our Human Resources philosophy focuses on creating a corporate culture that will attract, develop and retain the best talent from the Middle East region and beyond. Glosanté encompasses diversity in the very nature of the way we do business. Discrimination based on nationality, culture, gender and age are considered unacceptable.

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