Preventive Healthcare

The hectic corporate lifestyle today causes excessive stress and strain as result of extended working hours, irregular eating habits and inadequate rest. Corporate employees are prone to number of ailments and diseases due to the sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, oral and lung cancer and osteoporosis can directly be attributed to the modern way of living. Most corporate employees tend to ignore health until they are compelled to confront a medical complication.

These days an increasing number of Corporates are realizing the importance of the ongoing health and wellness of their employees. Contributing to employee health today is not just limited to Insurance and a benefit package. Organizations want to keep their employees healthy and productive in a proactive manner by adopting corporate health programs that ensure prevention is better than cure.

At Glosanté we provide a wide range of corporate health management services to organizations. Our programs are designed to promote employee health, wellbeing and productivity. Programs may be customized based on the needs of the individuals and client organizations.

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