As you travel from one place to another, you also make yourself more susceptible to getting infected by germs. At the same time you may carry certain germs which might get introduced at the place you are traveling to. While some countries have vaccination rules for people coming from other countries, some countries do not have such rules.

Travelers are faced with many health problems while traveling. They not only have to cope with new culture and practices but also with different food, water, climate, altitude and other environmental hazards. Quite often the traveler's immunity does not match the foreign environment and travelers face the risk of illnesses. With the right help from experts, travelers can be well prepared to prevent these health risks.

Some countries require that travelers receive specific vaccinations before arrival. For example, Saudi Arabia requires proof of meningococcal vaccination for all pilgrims and proof of polio vaccination for all children going to Mecca during the Hajj. Some countries require that travelers receive a Yellow fever vaccination within the past 10 years and have an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis before they can enter the country. Many countries require proof of yellow fever vaccination if the traveler has passed through an area where yellow fever may occur. Without such proof, they may be refused entry, quarantined or vaccinated.

At Glosanté, we help travelers with preventive care for travel, coping with health conditions and administration of specific vaccinations if any, prior to travel. The travel health service includes:

  • Travel consultation and advice
  • Health Screening
  • Review of any existing medical conditions
  • Identifying potential medical hazards that may arise during your planned travel
  • Types of vaccinations that may be required
  • Travel medications

We also provide customers with Travel medical kits and fitness certificates to travel. Our medical kits are equipped with the necessary medications, dressings for minor ailments/injuries that may occur during your travel, along with an information leaflet, to save you the hassle of packing your own medications.

Our healthcare professional may recommend that you get vaccinated against one or more diseases prior to travel. For a detailed list of vaccines and diseases that can be prevented by vaccination, please refer our Health information section or contact one of our centers.

Special Travel Health packages are offered to travelers traveling to certain countries. For example, the Haj and Umrah Health package is specially designed for travelers going on their pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina. The package includes the mandatory Vaccinations, Health check, Medical kit and other benefits like electronic health records, compliments and offers.

The hectic corporate lifestyle today causes excessive stress and strain as result of extended working hours, irregular eating habits and inadequate rest. Corporate employees are prone to number of ailments and diseases due to the sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, oral and lung cancer and osteoporosis can directly be attributed to the modern way of living. Most corporate employees tend to ignore health until they are compelled to confront a medical complication.

These days an increasing number of Corporates are realizing the importance of the ongoing health and wellness of their employees. Contributing to employee health today is not just limited to Insurance and a benefit package. Organizations want to keep their employees healthy and productive in a proactive manner by adopting corporate health programs that ensure prevention is better than cure.

At Glosanté we provide a wide range of corporate health management services to organizations. Our programs are designed to promote employee health, wellbeing and productivity. Programs may be customized based on the needs of the individuals and client organizations.

Today’s challenging health environment demands an experienced support of skilled caregivers that we can rely on to help us with our immediate and long term healthcare needs and improve the quality of our health. At Glosanté, we strive to meet the dynamic healthcare demands and excel beyond your expectations. Our caring and dedicated doctors, nurses, clinical and other healthcare staff, our customers only get the highest quality of service for all of their primary health needs.

We provide quality general healthcare services including screening, examinations, laboratory and Radiology tests, diagnosis and treatment to persons exhibiting any symptoms and signs that require action.

Be it minor or acute ailments that need immediate attention or chronic illnesses that require a continuing care, our healthcare professionals provide the best treatment for a speedy recovery. We understand the health condition fully and ensure continuity of care. We also provide the most appropriate advice like lifestyle modifications to manage the condition and maintain quality of life.

We offer a variety of comprehensive laboratory and radiology services. Our medical technologists and technicians are highly trained experts in laboratory medicine. The technical expertise of our staff encompasses diverse areas, under the expert medical direction of a team of certified pathologists.

Glosanté's Corporate Wellness Program covers all healthcare needs of an employee and has a systematic approach towards them. It includes -

  • Assessments (Pre- Employment/ Post-Employment) & Executive Health Checkups - Basic physiological assessments, Advanced physiological assessments, Active metabolism & Fitness assessment
  • Consultations - Initial one-on-one expert consultation, nutrition consultation, customized meal plans based on your needs, Health coaching, Life coaching
  • Group & Individual Services - Yoga sessions, personal training, Confidence & Leadership coaching, Psychological Assessment, Corporate Gym Membership
  • Information Services - Monthly newsletter on well - being, articles and guide to remain healthy, Fitness & Diet Apps
  • Equipment Services - Access to recovery equipments like Spinal Mobiliser & Oxygen Chambers and ergonomics like healthy desks, chairs, laptop stands etc.

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