Visa Medical Checkups


Visa applicants are required to take various medical examinations based on the type of visa & the countrythey are traveling to. The medical examination can only be done by Doctors/Centers authorized by the Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s home country. Glosanté Health Centers are authorized to provide Medical examinations for Visas on behalf of various Embassies and Missions. The examinations, tests and vaccinations we provide conform to the standards and conditions prescribed by the respective Embassies and Missions. We help our clients by determining and providing the right type of medical exam required. Additional tests or examinations are also conducted depending on the need of the missions or the applicants.

The Visa medical process typically involves the following steps.

Booking an appointment
The applicants are required to book an appointment for Medical examination either online or by calling one of our centers. Contact our center for an appointment

Sample collection
The samples for medical examination will be collected at one of the Glosanté centers for Laboratory tests. Samples collected may include Blood/Urine/Stool. Applicant visits the center on the appointment date and time to provide the sample.

Radiology tests
Radiology tests (X-Ray) will be performed at the center as required.

Medical examination
Medical examination, which includes a medical history and general physical exam, will be performed at the center by our certified Healthcare practitioners.

Delivery of test results and medical certificate
Results and certificate are collected by the applicant on the specified delivery date from the center. Alternately, the documents may be couriered to the applicant’s address for a small fee.

The duration of a standard visa medical process normally takes 1 to 2 hours. Applicants must carry their passport, photographs and a copy of the Visa medical appointment confirmation.

Our cordial and knowledgeable team assists the applicants by providing clear and adequate information about the examination, clarifying their queries and doubts, if any, and preparing them for the examination.

For further details and to book the premium service, Contact us at your nearby centre.

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