Travel Healthcare

Travel Healthcare

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At GloSanté, we help our clients with preventive care for travel, coping with existing health conditions and the administration of specific vaccinations, prior to travel.


The travel health service includes:

  • Travel consultation and advice

  • Health Screening

  • Review of any existing medical conditions

  • Identifying potential medical hazards that may arise during your planned travel

  • Types of vaccinations that may be required

  • Travel medications


We also provide our clients with Travel Medical Kits and Fitness Certificates. Our medical kits are equipped with the necessary medications, dressings for minor ailments/injuries that may occur during your travel, along with an information leaflet.

Our healthcare professional may recommend that you get vaccinated against one or more diseases prior to travel. 

Special Travel Health packages are offered to travelers traveling to certain countries. For example, the Haj and Umrah Health package is specially designed for travelers going on their pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina. The package includes the mandatory Vaccinations, Health check, Medical kit and other benefits like electronic health records, compliments and offers.